5º WCN

Cloudscape Brazil 2019 e Workshop on Cloud Networks



Cloudscape Brazil and WCN will bring together researchers, engineers, and practitioners from academia, industry and government to discuss and advance the state-of-the-art research, advances  and practice in the emerging area of cloud-based networks and applications. The WCN and Cloudscape has been organized in 2016, 2017 and  2018 and was sponsored by the EuBrasilForum Project, with support of CTIC/RNP and the European Commission.

In 2019, the Cloudscape Brazil will bring europeans and Brazilian researchers together, to discuss topics in trustworthiness in Cloud Computing and its applications, specially in Telehealth systems, with demos and pitch sessions from industry and government.

Other related European projects such as NECOS, SWAMP, OCariot, FASTEN and 5G-RAnge also will be invited to participate at the workshop.

Cloudscape Brazil is a cooperation and networking workshop and will be followed by the WCN as a support to consolidate the recently created SIG in Cloud Computing at SBC. WCN 2019 is a workshop that will have technical discussion, a position papers session and a poster session on ongoing research work related to the latest challenges, technologies, solutions and techniques related to networking within the cloud and to the efficient and effective cloud deployment and hosting of the various emerging applications and services. Effective solutions related to the placement, sizing, bursting, and migration of compute, storage, and data resources within the cloud network(s) become critical to the deployment of elastic and agile applications.

The Cloudscape 2019 and WCN will be sponsored by the ATMOSPHERE project with support of CTIC/RNP and the European Commission.

Tópicos de interesse

  • Trust, security and privacy in the cloud
  • Cloud-based services for IoT
  • Digitizing Industry:Industrial Innovation thanks to IoT, Big Data, 5G and Artificial Intelligence
  • European/Brazilian SMEsand international markets
  • Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing and related technologies.
  • Blockchain for collaborative models and cross border services
  • EU-Brazil Common Standards
  • Deployment of cloud applications and services
  • Big Data applications provisioning on the cloud
  • Scalability and elasticity techniques
  • Cloud resource management and capacity engineering
  • International Partnerships for transatlantic economy.
  • Regulation for Trust in Digital Environments
  • Future Digital Economy

Coordenadores do 5º WCN


Coordenação Geral

Priscila Solis (UNB)

Currículo Lattes


Coordenador do Comitê de Programa

Francisco Brasileiro

Currículo Lattes


Apoio Local

Billy Pinheiro (UFPA)



E-mail: pris@unb.br e haquiticos@gmail.com

Program Committee

Rita Meneses
Ignacio Blanquer
Andrey Brito
Marco Vieira
Nuno Antunes
Eduardo Alchieri
Marcos Caetano
Danilo Ardagna
Regina Moraes
Altigran da Silva
Priscila Solís